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GMR at the Airport

GMR 54 is off to Lima, Peru

Global Mission Readiness is off on its 54th trip. 

Image: Alberto Caceres

Volunteers for Global Mission Readiness (GMR) are headed to Lima, Peru to teach a basic rope rescue course. While this is not GMR’s first time to Lima, Peru, it is the first time training with the host agency, Proteccion Civil Internacional (PCI). PCI is volunteer responders from around the region that assist Peruvian National Police and Peruvian National Fire Brigade with technical rescues such as rope rescue.

The need is constant in this area of Peru. With many opportunities for tourist in the region, buses are one of the main modes of transportation. The roads of Peru are windy and as you can imagine very scenic due to the Andes Mountains. There comes a danger with windy, mountain roads though. Bus crashes happen all too often down steep embankments. Having well-trained responders to quickly and safely, respond and provide aid will save more lives. Like most remote and rural communities, having good first responder aid that can affect rescue and provide treatment until definitive care is necessary for any region. This class focuses on basic rope rescue including safe anchor points, basic knots, lowering and repelling systems, and raising systems. Every GMR class has portions on basic first aid and rendering medical aid, this one is no different.

Agencies from all over the area will be in attendance. Some of them are new to rope rescue and some of them have skills that will be able to augment the instructor’s information. The instructors are all career firefighters that work on technical rescue teams for Albany Fire Department. Albany, Oregon is located approximately 80 miles (128km) from Portland, OR, USA where GMR is located.

GMR at the Airport
Pictured: (left to right) Shannon Baker, Tim Verdun, Mike Hurley, Tom Henke (Photo Credit: Carly Shears)

Led by team leader Carly Shears, who could not accompany the team on the trip. Tom Henke and Shannon Baker have participated in GMR missions before. Mike Hurley and Tim Verdun round out the team. Tom and Shannon have participated in missions to Africa. This is Tim and Mike’s first time as volunteers with GMR. GMR is looking forward to continuing relationships in Lima as well as building a new one with PCI. 

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