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Meet The CEO

Pat Delair

Pat DeLair

CEO/Operations Director

Patrick DeLair is a professional fire officer with Clackamas Fire District #1 located in southeast Portland, Oregon, USA. He has been on multiple emergency services development teams around the world. He was sworn in as the new Chief Executive Officer and Operations Director in January of 2018.

Mentored by Founder, Don Davis, Patrick strives to see that Global Mission Readiness continues to grow and provide emergency services training around the world. Founder Davis has said it best:

“We have had the opportunity to see how this training makes an unbelievable difference in peoples’ lives. These teaching missions break down cultural barriers, increase positive relations with other countries, and most importantly, save lives. Following our training, we have seen an immediate positive impact in the communities. Students of our courses have reported how they have used the skills learned from our classes to save the lives of others. To see how some of these organizations have evolved and are now training each other without our assistance is truly the most rewarding part of our missions.”

Providing training, resources, and equipment has been what GMR is all about. Helping first responders learn to help themselves is what we do. Patrick believes in this and will see that GMR continues down this path.

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