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We are extremely grateful to Don Davis, Brandon Paxton and GMR for the Advanced Water Rescue Course in Arequipa Peru held June, 2011.  We are very aware that oftentimes in order to accomplish these missions, we have to sacrifice ourselves and our families for briefs periods of time, but the result is so gratifying that even they will be happy with the results and for the goodwill and actions we do.

I would like to express that the general impression from the students/participants to this training course is very good and positive, especially since in this part of the country a similar course, such as the one which took place in June, had never been done!  The members of the National Police Squad are very grateful for the new techniques used for swift water rescues.  Some of them are great swimmers and rescuers; however, with the techniques, they have learned a lot and are thankful for the opportunity to attend such an important course. The idea they have is to have the same group in the not too distant future meet again to practice and refresh their knowledge in order to be always up to date and ready to act.  Besides, they have committed themselves to replicate the learnings in their respective institutions or squads.  My personal opinion is that this has been a wonderful opportunity for Peru in general, not only for Arequipa.

I will anxiously await your comments in order to continue supporting the extraordinary work you do around Peru and the world to make it a safer and better place to live.

Hugs and greeting to the whole GMR team!

Sincerely yours,

Alonso Málaga Machicao

BUSF/Firefighters Without Borders
Arequipa, Peru

On behalf of the NADMO Secretariat in Afigya Kwabre District Assembly, Ghana, I humbly write to thank you for your training and immense support during the two-week training program on International Emergency Response. Our warm heart goes to Tim (Leader of the Team), Ed, David and Chris for their rich experiences shared with us…God bless you for everything and we are truly grateful to you. Until then, we pray: Long live Global Mission Readiness, and God bless America. Thank you.

John Marfo

NADMO, Afigya Kwabre District Assembly

It is with great pleasure that I am writing to you on behalf of the Chiefs of Staff. Heads, Officers, and Sub Officers of the Emergency Division which I am honored to command at the Lieutenant General PNP Jorge Monge Llanos Police Compound located at Jr. Bausate y Meza, Block 6, District of La Victoria in the Province and Region of Lima, Peru.

By means of this letter, I would like to express my heartfelt congratulations to you and, at the same time, to thank you for the valuable support which your organization, Global Mission Readiness, has provided to the Peruvian National Police, upon training four different groups of policemen and women from the Emergency Rescue Squad, as well as to those from other units under my command in the training courses Rope Rescue, Urban Search and Rescue and Emergency Medical Services.  This will undoubtedly allow us to increase efficiency in the aid of victims on emergency situations, incidents and natural disasters.  I must also express my special gratitude for having spent a whole day showing my personnel ways to deal with cases in which law enforcement officers might get hurt during crisis situations and an immediate action is to then be taken by themselves from enemy fire while helping out a partner.

The team of instructors led by Edward Resch was very didactic and efficient and I have received excellent comments from the participants of the courses they offered.  Consequently, I would like to kindly request that GMR continues…

…Last but not least, I would like to express my sincere gratitude to your organization and other institutions for donating important, useful and valuable material and equipment to the Emergency and Rescue Department of the Emergency Division which I command and which will help us in our significant task of saving more and more victims involved in emergency situations.  Please accept the assurances of my highest esteem and consideration.

Colonol PNP Carlos Aguilar Reyes

Head of Emergency Division
Peruvian National Police

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