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Recent Projects

May 2019- GMR57

Santa Cruz, Bolivia. The  HazMat team was at it again the center of South America. Firefighters from multiple agencies in Santa Cruz participated in the 3-day hands-on training course in Hazardous Materials Operations.

October 2018- GMR56

El Rosal, Colombia. Hazardous Materials Operations level training was the topic here, in this beautiful city tucked northeast of Bogata. Firefighters from 13 different organizations took part in the training only to go back and teach their organizations the information obtained.

September 2018- GMR 55

Santa Cruz, Bolivia. The firefighters of U.U.B.R proudly serve in the S.E. region of Santa Cruz de la Sierra and specialize in all-hazard rescue response. Rope Rescue is one of those specialties.  Whether it is from the drainage canals in the city center or the steep mountain roadways, the firefighters are better prepared to handle emergencies where rope rescue is needed.

April 2018- GMR 54

Lima, Peru- Steep terrain, and rough roads contribute to multiple motor vehicle crashes per year in the mountains of Peru. Responders use Rope Rescue to access and quickly recover victims. Team members from Albany Fire taught 11 different agencies Rope Rescue Basic.

Agencies We Have Trained

Global Mission Readiness’ training format is “train the trainer.” Meaning that we teach the students how to teach their peers the information that we are teaching them. That way our information has a broader reach. A typical class has 4-10 agencies from the region and 25-35 students. We facilitate cooperation and working together to make a difference in the communities.

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