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Global Mission Readiness is a non-profit, charitable organization founded in 2009 to provide non-profit emergency services education and resources to public safety agencies worldwide and to promote disaster prevention and self-reliance.

The problems around the world are extremely large in relation to emergency services, especially in developing nations. Many countries are grossly underfunded and lack basic government support. With Global Mission Readiness, we bring education to those in need by providing multiple courses in basic first aid, fire service training, specialty rescue, and disaster preparedness by trained, veteran firefighters and medical professionals. Our emphasis is on self-reliance, so that disaster relief will someday be unnecessary.

Global Mission Readiness serves developing nations and many poor, third world countries in need, regardless of race or religious beliefs. We take pride in conducting ourselves with professionalism, sensitivity and respect. Our volunteers are not compensated and proudly provide non-profit services to educate those who would otherwise not have the opportunity.

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