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Ghana Team 2014

GMR 53 Heads to Ghana, Africa

5 volunteers to teach EMS in Kumasi, Ghana, Africa

Volunteers from Clackamas Fire District 1, Jared Wick, Tyler Dickerson, Graham Heard, veteran volunteer Kyle Myers and Patrick DeLair head to Kumasi, Ghana, Africa to teach the national first responders Emergency Medical Services. This is GMR’s third teaching trip to Ghana. The class will be about building skills from previous missions, teaching new techniques as well as donating equipment. Some of the equipment that will be donated are trauma supplies, airway adjuncts, CPR training aids, to name a few.

The class will focus on local emergencies. While natural disasters do not happen that often, it is not unheard of. The team will cover triaging multiple patients as well as best methods of transporting multiple people to definitive care.

Hospitals and clinics are spread out in this region. Sometimes taking 4-5 hours to get to the next big city that has care. First Responders will learn techniques to take care of patients for longer than the 10-20 miniutes that first responders in the states care for patients.

To learn more about this trip and to follow along, follow GMR on Facebook and Instagram. You can donate to this trip by going to the donate tab and selecting Africa.

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