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2017 Colombia HazMat Training GMR52

Team Colombia goes to El Rosal, Colombia, South America to teach basic HazMat Awareness.

2014 Lima, Peru Law Enforcement Training

GMR branched out in 2014 with a much needed law enforcement training academy for the Peruvian National Police of Lima. GMR volunteers from Portland Police Bureau headed up this project, a first of its kind for GMR. It was designed to keep the officers safer and reduce the loss of life.

2014 Durango, Mexico EMS Training

Advanced airway techniques was one of the main topics offered at this installment of training for the bomberos at Durango, MX fire department. Highlights of this project included teaching several hundred citizens in hands-only CPR and the donation of AEDs that were subsequently used to save a life within the first week!

Cusco, Peru - Structural Collapse/Trench Rescue and RIT - 2014

GMR Volunteers representing Portland Fire & Rescue completed a two-part series involving RIT and Structural Collapse/Trench Rescue for members of the Cusco Fire Department. This training took place in May, 2014.

Cotui, Dominican Republic - 2014 Auto Extrication Training

In January, 2014, a week-long course in basic auto extrication was presented in Cotui, Dominican Republic to members of multiple fire departments and the Dominican Red Cross. The basic training covered basic vehicle stabilization, lifting and cutting techniques, door access, roof removal, dash and steering wheel rolls and patient extrication.

Managua, Nicaragua EMS & Auto Extrication - 2013

GMR volunteers Ryan Russell, Aaron Pittis, Ryan Harris, Mike Bauer, and Lucia Carrera spent a week in Managua, Nicaragua to train volunteers from Benemerito Cuerpo de Bomberos de Managua. I appreciate all of their hard work they invested to make this possible. Thanks to Keizer Fire District and Rotary for supporting this cause through funding & equipment donations.

Gyumri, Armenia - EMS First Responder Training 2012

In May, 2012, GMR instructors traveled to the beautiful country of Armenia for our first project in this region of the world. This week long first aid training course was taught to members of the Gyumri fire and rescue authorities as well as members from the police, government and area NGO aid workers.

Lima, Peru - Urban Search & Rescue Training, 2012

In May, 2012, GMR engaged in our largest training project to date. As guests of the National Police of Lima, Peru, a three week course in EMS and USAR was taught to several agencies of the recently formed coalition of emergency responders from Peru. Team members included Lucia Carrera, Ed Resch, Jon Crow, Al Burns, Robbie Potter, Don Gresham, Bryan Profit and Chris Padian.

Why We Keep Going

Here are almost 1,000 reasons to keep improving public safety around the world. Nothing more needs to be said.

Arequipa, Peru - Water Rescue Training, 2011

Through a joint project with Firefighters Without Borders - BUSF Peru, Global Mission Readiness volunteers traveled to Arequipa, Peru to teach advanced swiftwater rescue techniques to several agencies. This project is a continuation of a foundation of training taught last September in Caraz, Peru. Volunteers Brandon Paxton, David Elle, Scott Kohler, Shawn Mullen, Dusty Mauck and Lucia Carrera participating.

Kumasi, Ghana - West Africa, EMS Training - 2011

Two week training course covering a basic EMS first responder curriculum for members of the National Disaster Management Organization in Ghana. Team members, Tim Barbknecht, Chris Barney, David Anderson and Ed Resch taught 100 students in valuable, life-saving techniques. This project will have far-reaching implications throughout the country as plans are already in the works for subsequent missions in other regions of Ghana.

Cotui, Dominican Republic

Photos of Brian Rooney's needs assessment mission to Cotui Fire Department. Thank you to Chief Jorge Mendoza.

Santa Cruz, Bolivia - EMS & Auto Extrication Training 2010

This gallery is from GMR's December, 2010 training mission to Santa Cruz, Bolivia to train several local agencies in the basics of first aid and automobile extrication. This training is extremely valuable to the emergency responders due to the many vehicle accidents in Bolivia. As with most countries in South America, auto accidents continue to be one of the leading causes of death.

Masquerade Mayhem II - Zombie Prom

A monstrous party fundraiser was held on October 30th in Oregon City, Oregon to help support GMRs mission to save lives through education around the world. Through our generous supporters and sponsors, GMR raised over $10,000! Thank you so much. Here is a few pics from the function.

Cajica, Colombia First Aid Training, 2010

Four members of GMR departed in November on our first mission to the community of Cajica, just outside of Bogota, Colombia. The training crew will be teaching first aid skills to local emergency workers during a week-long class. Instructors included Burke Slater, Kyle Myers, Melanie Kinne and Scott Butzer.

Caraz, Peru - Swift Water & Rope Rescue Training, September, 2010

In September, 2010, GMR met with members of thirteen different Peruvian emergency response agencies to train in rope & swiftwater rescue techniques. Members were learned basic skills including patient packaging, rappelling, raising and lowering systems, mecahnical advantage, water survival skills, rescue swimming and throw bag techniques. A 2011 return to the region is being planned.

Cusco, Peru - Swift Water Rescue Training, 2010

Water rescue awareness training provided to Cusco, Peru's fire bomberos at Fire Station 39. This course, like our earlier course in Caraz, was an introduction to shore based rescue involving shallow water crossing, throw bag deployment, rescue swimming, and the basics of hydraulics and river dynamics. The river portion took place at the Sacred River near Andahuaylillas, southeast of Cusco.

Caraz, Peru - Swift Water Rescue Training, 2010

Water rescue awareness training provided to several agencies in Caraz, Peru. This training was sponsored by Caraz, Peru's Elite BEAR Team and included teams from the Ancash region, Chanchamayo, Caraz Police, and Santa Cruz, Bolivia. This course was an introduction to shore based rescue and involved shallow water crossing, throw bag deployment, rescue swimming, and the basics of hydraulics and river dynamics. The Santa River was the site for our in-water training.

GMR's 2009 Masquerade Mayhem Fundraiser

These are the crazy photos of our most recent fundraiser, Masquerade Mayhem, 2009 at Weatherford's Grand Lodge in Oregon City, Oregon. The event was a gigantic success with 318 people attending. With a concert by Constant Rush and an auction, we managed to raise enough fund our upcoming trips to both Vietnam and Peru. Thank you for your continued support!

Hanoi, Vietnam Fire Training - 2009

In 2009, GMR in cooperation with Medical Teams International traveled to Hanoi, Vietnam to instruct firefighters in basic first aid and firefighting skills. These are some photos of this mission.
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