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(Team leader, Sarah Merrick demonstrates advanced airway techniques in Durango, MX)







(30 NOV 2014)  The last few months have been extremely busy for Global Mission Readiness including our newest project in the country of Mexico.  In September, instructors from GMR concluded a week-long training project in the central Mexican city of Durango with the Cuerpo de Bomberos, teaching firefighters in the art of advanced first aid including airway techniques, 'hands-only' CPR and advanced wound care.  With limited resources despite serving a population of almost a half million residents, the fire department in Durango relies on aid from outside agencies to assist with training.  With GMR's 'train-the-trainer' course, we identified strong students within our class to educate others within their ranks after our departure.  Our follow-up courses will be geared toward those individuals who will spread the latest techniques to their comrades.  

The education the firefighters received in this training was based on guidelines from the U.S. and was delivered in a manner that empowered them to teach others. Upon conclusion of the course, all materials and equipment was donated to the fire department to utilize both for emergencies and future training.

Our instructors report that their experience could not have been better.  Their hosts provided great hospitality and an outstanding cultural experience. It is our intent to make this an annual events sister firefighters. Our next training project for Durango is officially set for Spring, 2015.  

We would like to thank everyone who made this project possible including instructors: Sarah Merrick, Andrew Staheli, Karl & Isabella Koenig, Cuerpo de bomberos of Durango, and our sponsors & donors for your financial contributions. Please stay tuned to our website for more information on how to contribute to this upcoming cause.





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