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06/06/2017 19:22




Armenia has seen its share of hardship throughout the years. The Armenian Genocide, which killed over 1.5 million citizens, brutal conflict with Azerbaijan, an earthquake in 1988 that left almost 50,000 people dead, and the fall of the Soviet Union which left much of Armenia in socioeconomic ruin, are only a small sample of this just in the last 100 years. These people are trying to find their identity again and reshape their culture with technology, equality and democracy for the future.

(6 JUN 2017)  In 2012, Global Mission Readiness, in partnership with the Guarantee Center Of Civil Society NGO, Peace Corps and Armenian government travelled to Gyumri, Armenia to teach a week-long first aid class and disaster management academy for members of the local government, hospital, police, fire and ambulance agencies. It was a great success and we would now like to continue to build upon this education. We were contacted two years ago by Ara Melikjanyan who attended our course in 2012 and now represents an NGO named LOGOS. They have been working on public safety and educational projects to improve the quality of life throughout their country. With little financial backing the further away from Yerevan they are, public municipalities receive much of their aid through private NGOs.

In May, 2017, GMR will return to Armenia in eastern city of Shushi to continue this education through a Citizens Emergency Response Training academy, or CERT. This training course designed for government officials, emergency responders, and ordinary citizens will aid in the event of another disaster or conflict. It is our hope that this training provided could be taught to others after our departure and help mitigate the loss of lives. The course will include first aid training, small fire mitigation, and search and rescue techniques. We have no doubt this will benefit the people of eastern Armenia when they are again affected by disaster or conflict.

Our volunteers for this project include fire instructors who will be representing Lake Oswego Fire Department in Oregon.  They include: Toby Hays, Paul Lauritzon and Nick Fiorante.  It is important to note that each volunteer is donating their time and raising their own money for trip expenses.  Please help us make this project a reality. To donate to their cause, please click here.


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