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11/15/2016 11:07




Brian Played Intregal Part in Foundation of GMR



(7 Nov 2017)  It’s not many times I am at a loss for words.  It is truly a bittersweet moment in the history of GMR, with the resignation of one of the men who made us who we are today.

Brian Rooney, who played the instrumental part in the creation of Global Mission Readiness by challenging me to “stop bitching about the worlds’ problems and do something about it!”, stepped down as Vice President of our organization today.  It was those words that sparked the fire that fed this amazing adventure of 50 projects to date, teaching over 2000 emergency responders worldwide.


Brian has been with us since the advent of GMR, serving as an instructor, team leader, Operations Director and Vice President.  He has traveled the globe with us, teaching in SE Asia, Central and South America.  He inspired many people in our profession, myself included, to step out of our comfort zone, experience the road less traveled and leave the world a better place.  His positive attitude and infectious spirit while traveling have served as my mark to strive for.  I will miss his photographic skills and most of all, his sense of humor.  He could bring out a smile in any person, despite their living conditions, and capture the most amazing images on film (yes, I said film).  I admire this guy more than he knows and thank him for making me a better person.  I am glad you will have more time for your family and career Brian, and will miss your input and guidance in the organization.  Peace out BR!      



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