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(10 May 2015) Founded in 1510, Cotui, Dominican Republic is one of the oldest cities in the New World. Nestled in the center of the country between Santiago and the capital city, Santo Domingo, Cotui is home to a vibrant culture of passionate people dedicated to improving life within their community. Despite a great need for public service, this city of nearly 80,000 residents is usually toward the end of the food chain, in regard to funding. Larger municipalities are typically the recipients of newer equipment and technology. 

The fire department, led by newly reappointed fire chief, Col. Jorge Mendoza, plans to change that. With help from outside agencies, including Global Mission Readiness (GMR), Col. Mendoza plans to bring training to the forefront, which outside agencies will attend, and focus on being the best prepared fire department in the region. Over time, this recognition will generate a greater respect from the community which will lead to a demand for better funding and support of public safety from their leaders. I feel it is GMR’s responsibility to provide this aid and generate public awareness through education. On May 10, 2015, Members from GMR will do just that. 

In what will be our third training project in Cotui, instructors from GMR will be teaching rope rescue to members of Cotui FD and surrounding agencies. This is a multi-part series of courses designed to assist firefighters cope with the abundance of traffic accidents in the area. Part one, in 2013, focused on emergency medical care and dealing with a broad scope of injur

Part two, in 2014, was an automobile extrication course taught utilizing limited means. Next week, part three will incorporate rope rescue techniques into the mix, as a great deal of accidents end up down steep slopes and ravines with limited access. 30 firefighters will attend the training that will designed to give them a basic knowledge of reaching a patient and treating them. In subsequent training, our focus will be geared toward advanced techniques and patient extraction. As with all of our projects, following the course, all equipment will be donated to the local fire department to put into service on their frontline apparatus.

In addition to providing the training course, we will be canvassing media outlets to spread the word of the good work these brave volunteers are doing in their communities. Through public education, we hope to see real change for the people.

Please help us make positive change throughout the world. What we are doing is working. People are being trained (almost two thousand to date). Lives are being saved. Communities are changing for the better. 

Be a part of it. Make it happen. 
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Thank you so much for your continued support of our organization.

-Don Davis



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